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bool GeneticAlgorithm::Generation (  )  [protected]

Runs the GA for one generation. Returns true if a perfect fit was found; false otherwise.

Definition at line 330 of file GeneticAlgorithm.cc.

References Optimizer::Diff(), DirectedMutation(), LocalOptimizer(), m_genomes, Reproduction(), Score(), and Tournament.

Referenced by Evolve().

   for(unsigned int i=0; i<m_genomes.size(); i+=2)
      // select daddy and mommy and the losers (will be replaced by children)
      pair<int,int> dad = (this->*Tournament)(0, m_genomes.size()/2 - 1);
      pair<int,int> mom = 
           (this->*Tournament)(m_genomes.size()/2, m_genomes.size() - 1);

      // Reproduction (crossover and mutation)
      Reproduction(dad.first, mom.first, dad.second, mom.second);

      // Calculate the sum (evaluation)

      // ------  other genetic operators
      // Directed mutation

      // local optimizer and makes the individual feasible if needed

      // test if was found the perfect fit
      if (Score(dad.second) <= 0.0 || Score(mom.second) <= 0.0) return true;

   // yet not found the perfect fit
   return false;

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