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Params Class Reference

#include <Params.hh>

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Detailed Description

This class gets and processes parameters (general and GA-related) specified by the user.

Definition at line 43 of file Params.hh.

Public Types

typedef long double BigFloat
typedef long long BigInt
typedef double Size_t
typedef unsigned long long UBigInt

Public Member Functions

double DI_Factor () const
double Factor () const
bool Initialize ()
 Params (int &argc, char **argv)
std::string PrettySize (Size_t) const
void ShowUsage (const char *) const
void ShowVersion () const

Public Attributes

bool m_approximate
int & m_argc
char ** m_argv
int m_block_size
bool m_brute_force
std::list< const char * > m_cmdline_items
char m_delimit_chr
bool m_direct_input
bool m_enclose
char m_enclose_chr
float m_ga_cross_prob
float m_ga_mut_prob
int m_ga_num_gens
int m_ga_pop_size
long m_ga_seed
int m_ga_sel_pressure
bool m_hide_selected
bool m_hide_summary
int m_iterations
Size_t m_max_size
Size_t m_min_size
bool m_no_case
bool m_no_metric
bool m_pipe
bool m_show_bytes
bool m_show_size
bool m_show_unselected
bool m_sort_by_size
bool m_sort_reverse
bool m_split
Size_t m_target
bool m_verbose

Private Member Functions

double GB () const
double GB (double power) const
double KB () const
double KB (double power) const
double MB () const
double MB (double power) const

Private Attributes

double m_di_factor
double m_factor
float m_unit_power
char m_unit_symbol

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